Ethereum smart contract development


Mijn ervaring met het ontwikkelen van een smart contract op de Ethereum blockchain. Er is een mooie online IDE om Ethereum smart contracts te maken.https://remix.ethereum.org/ Ik ben begonnen met een

Per developer configuration in ASP.Net 5 or Core 1.0


Most of the time there are multiple developers working on the same project. But we don't want to have the same settings in our appSettings.json.Some developers use localdb, other SQL Express or a conn

Windows Azure WebJobs


Met Windows Azure WebJobs kan je makkelijk je console apps als achtergrond proces draaien. Je kan gewoon een normaal console app uploaden, maar je kan ook het WebJobs SDK NuGet package installeren om

NuGetMustHaves 2.0


Today a big update for nugetmusthaves.com went live. The site has a new clean design and one important new feature is added. You are now able to view reverse dependencies for packages. This can be us

Localizing the displayname of your app in Windows 8


When creating your Windows 8 app, you might want to give it a different name in each language. This little tutorial shows you how to do it. In this tutorial I will use my app Woordenboek as an example

Caching images and data with the Q42.WinRT library in Windows 8 apps


This blog is part of a series of blog post about the Q42.WinRT open source toolkit for Windows 8. The open source Q42.WinRT library contains helpers for caching images and data in your application. A

Top 5 NuGet packages for Windows 8 development


When you're starting Windows 8 / WinRT development in XAML, one of the first things you do is look at the available controls. The default controls shipped with the WinRT XAML framework are ok, but not

Windows 8: Binding a ProgressBar to a long running Task


This blog is part of a series of blog post about the Q42.WinRT open source toolkit for Windows 8. A really common scenario in a Windows 8 / WinRT app (or any app) is to load data from the web or

Background Parallax for your Windows 8 app


Every Windows 8 apps needs a background parallax effect like on the Windows 8 startscreen. Your Windows 8 app is not complete without it. John Michael Hauck created a really easy solution to create th

WrapPanel for Windows 8 WinRT


This is the first in a series of blog post about the Q42.WinRT open source toolkit for Windows 8. Out of the box, there's no WrapPanel available for WinRT. There's the VariableSizedWrapGrid, which yo

Secret little hack to get the OS version in Windows 8


You can download the code as part of the Q42.WinRT open source toolkit for Windows 8. WinRT does not have an API method to get the OS version. Metro apps run in a sandbox and shouldn't care about the

Windows 8 application certification, watch out for these rules


When submitting your application to the Windows 8 store, you'll have to comply with these certification guidelines:http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/windows/apps/hh694083.aspx Make sure your app

Simple ImageButton for Windows 8 / WinRT


If you want to have a simple imagebutton in your Windows 8 app (XAML) you can use this style. All it does is show the image and a nice pressed style when the image is touched. It uses the PointerDownT

Handling global KeyDown event in Windows 8 / WinRT


I was searching for a way to handle the KeyDown or KeyUp event for a ScrollViewer in a Windows 8 Metro / WinRT app. The events just doesn't fire for the ScrollViewer. But I found a nice workaround, it

Make e-mail address clickable in a Windows 8 metro app


When creating an about page for your Windows 8 metro / WinRT application, you probably display your e-mail address so users can contact you. It's easy to make your e-mail adress clickable. Just place

Uploading a file with Windows 8 WinRT


There are multiple ways of uploading a file over Http in Windows 8 WinRT / Metro apps. There's a great HttpClient sample provided in the Official Windows SDK Sample Pack:http://code.msdn.microsoft.com

Windows 8 async programming and mocking async methods in MVVM


Consider you created a service interface with a method which has a return type of Task: public interface IMyService{  Task<string> GetStringAsync();} When you inplement this interface, you'

Get the application version from the Package.appxmanifest in WinRT


If you want to get the version of your Windows 8 / WinRT application in code, you can use this method: public static string GetAppVersion(){   Package package = Package.Current;  PackageId p

Reading and writing files in WinRT


During the development of my first Windows 8 app, I searched for code examples on how to read and write files to the application storage. I found a few examples, but they were all so complex. Complex

MVVM Light: Cannot create an instance of "ViewModelLocator" on Windows 8


When you create a new Windows 8 Metro style application and install MVVM Light using NuGet (full install), it will create a ViewModelLocator class in the ViewModel folder. After you've modified your M

Trein - Van Windows Phone naar Windows 8


IdeeVoor Windows Phone heb ik een aantal apps gemaakt, waarvan Treintijden de meest serieuze en best gewaardeerde is. Een ideale app als je onderweg bent met de trein. Zou het nuttig zijn om daar een

Fix for: cannot write more bytes to the buffer than the configured maximum buffer size 65536


There will come a moment, during Windows 8 / WinRT development, that you will run into this error: Cannot write more bytes to the buffer than the configured maximum buffer size 65536 You will google i

How to make multi language apps work on Windows 8


This blog post is about Windows 8 / WinRT XAML apps. It's based on the Windows 8 Consumer Preview, things can still change in upcoming versions. There are already great resources that tell you how to

Windows 8 application Theming


This blog post is about Windows 8 / WinRT XAML apps. It's based on the Windows 8 Consumer Preview, things can still change in upcoming versions. As a Windows Phone developer I wondered if Windows 8 ha

Read XML from your project in Windows 8 / WinRT


This blog post is about Windows 8 / WinRT XAML apps. It's based on the Windows 8 Consumer Preview, things can still change in upcoming versions. How to read an XML file that is included in your Visual

Disable beep on enter in Windows 8 / WinRT


This blog post is about Windows 8 / WinRT XAML apps. It's based on the Windows 8 Consumer Preview, things can still change in upcoming versions. The default behaviour of a TextBox in a Windows 8 XAML

AgFx and GZIP support


Morten Nielsen created a great solution for adding GZIP support for your http requests in a Windows Phone application. http://www.sharpgis.net/post/2011/08/28/GZIP-Compressed-Web-Requests-in-WP7-Take-

NuGet must haves


This week I launched a new website that makes it easy to discovery new NuGet packages. http://nugetmusthaves.com/ All the packages are rated and ordered in categories. You can explore the categories a

NuGet Quickstart Package with integrated Membership and Role provider


A common scenario when starting a new website is setting up a database, ORM mapper, some kind of dependency injection, a user/login system etc. This can be a lot of work. I created a NuGet package whi

CameraCaptureTask not detected by Marketplace Test Kit


Problem:You're using the CameraCaptureTask class (or a library you are referencing is using this class) in your Windows Phone app. When you run the Marketplace Test kit, the ID_CAP_CAMERA capability i

Check your Windows Phone application capabilities


So you created a nice Windows Phone application, published it to the Marketplace and then you see this: Your app uses the camera? Push notifications? Phone Identity? No way! My app does not use that.

Silverlight Multi File Uploader v5 released


With the release of the Silverlight 5 framework, I also upgraded the Silverlight Multi File Uploader to version 5. There's no new functionality in this release of the Multi File Uploader, it's th

Windows Phone Treintijden, achter de schermen


Na twee intensieve weken, met veel code en passie, staat mijn nieuwe Windows Phone applicatie Treintijden in de marketplace. Treintijden toont de actuele vertrektijden en storingen op het Nederlandse

Three new Windows Phone 7 apps


Three new Windows Phone 7 apps just added to the Windows Phone Marketplace.

Files & Flitsers

5 in a row free (previous a paid app, now free and updated for Mango)

Actuele Vertrektijden Extensie in de Chrome store


Naast de Windows 7 / Vista sidebar gadget is er nu ook een Chrome Extension die de actuele vertrektijden van alle treinen op een station laat zien. Download en installeer de extensie gratis vanui

Simple Razor Script Manager


I needed a simple Razor ScriptManager where I can register the scripts I need, for example a datetimepicker script. But I only want to register the scripts when I'm actually showing the datetime

NuGet Quickstart Packages


Using this set of packages, is's easy to start a new project.The workflow is simple:1) Create a new MVC 3 project (empty project or internet project).2) Use NuGet to install one of the quickstart pack

NuGet Source Code Packager


To be able to easily create a sort of template project from an existing Visual Studio Project, I created the NuGet Source Code packager. You're able to select the source code files you want to export

Convert ASPX to RAZOR files


Al Katawazi (Author of MVC Website Programming) created a great ASPX to RAZOR converter. However, it didn't catch all scenario's. I've put some time in it to add support for more ASPX / Razor tags and

NuGet Unity MVC3 EntityFramework Quickstart


NuGet Quickstart for using Unity and EntityFramework (code first) in an MVC 3 project. By using this Quickstart your Dependency Injection and EntityFramework are all setup and ready to go. http://nuge

Treintijden Sidebar gadget update


Afgelopen week is er een aanpassing geweest aan de website Traphic.nl, hier werden de actuele treintijden uitgelezen voor de Actuele Treintijden Sidebad Gadget. De treininformatie is verplaatst naar o

NuGet package for Silverlight Multi File Uploader


The Silverlight Multi File Uploader is now available as NuGet package, for easy integration into your project. Get the NuGet packages here:http://www.nuget.org/List/Packages/mpost.slmfu Example usage

Silverlight PhotoBrowser for SL4


Richard McSharry made a nice contribution to the Silverlight PhotoBrowser by updating it to the latest Silverlight 4 build.

The source code can be downloaded from his blog.

Rijkswidget voor Windows Phone 7


Tijdens de wekelijkse passietijd bij Q42 heb ik een Windows Phone 7 versie gemaakt van de Rijkswidget App. De Rijkswidget toont dagelijks een item uit de collectie van het Rijksmuseum. Na he

5 in a row for Windows Phone 7


The second game I created for Windows Phone 7 is "5 in a row". I took the code from the Chain Reaction game and modified the game-engine to support 5 in a row. The game only supports multiplayer, you

Group Chat Messenger for Windows Phone 7


Group Chat Messenger is the first application to make direct phone to phone communication possible using PUSH notifications. You can create your own chat channels/groups and communicate with your frie

Server Monitor for Windows Phone 7


I created a Windows Phone 7 app that lets you monitor your webservers. It does a request to all the servers and determines if they are up and running. You would expect PUSH notifications in this kind

Creating a JSON REST Webservice with WCF in .Net 4


First, create a normal WCF Service, with service contracts, datacontracts etc. To make it JSON / REST, follow these steps: Modify the Web.Config:Application_Start:RouteTable.Routes.Add(new ServiceRout

Chain Reaction for Windows Phone 7 live


My first game for Windows Phone 7 is released and available in the AppStore. It can be found in the Games category under Board & Classic. Chain ReactionWhat is Chain Reaction? It's a strategic tur

New release of Silverlight Multi File Uploader (4.2)


Today I released version 4.2 of the Silverlight Multi File Uploader. What's new in this release?There's a new uploader added! The Single File Uploader. It supports the same easy way of uploading, but

Silverlight 4 artikel in .Net Magazine


Voor het .Net Magazine van mei 2010 heb ik een artikel geschreven over Silverlight 4. In het artikel bespreek ik de belangrijkste en meest aansprekende vernieuwingen in de 4e versie van Silverlight. L

Silverlight Multi File Uploader version 4


With the release of Silverlight 4, there's also a new release of the Silverlight Multi File Uploader. New in this release: Support for Silverlight 4 and Visual Studio 2010 Drag and drop files on the

Silverlight File Uploader configure ChunkSize


I made a small improvement to the Silverlight Multi File Uploader. You can now easily configure the ChunkSize using initParams. The ChunkSize parameter defines the size of the upload chunks in bytes.

Silverlight Multi File Uploader with Drag and Drop


Silverlight 4 beta is out and it includes a very nice feature. It's now possible to drag and drop files from outside the browser to a Silverlight application. We set AllowDrop="True" on the main Layou

Silverlight Multi File Uploader version 3


This is the release of version 3.0 of the Silverlight Multi File Uploader. This release is build for Silverlight 3 which was released on the 9th of July 2009. What's new in this release?- Improved lay

Silverlight 3 Chat application with WCF Duplex Binding


How does the application work?The ChatHost accepts connections from all Silverlight clients. Silverlight calls a login method on the ChatHost and the ChatHost holds a list of all connected clients. Wh

Silverlight 3: What's new?


I wrote an article about Silverlight 3 for the Dutch .Net Magazine.

It's published in the may 2009 edition.

Click to read the article about Silverlight 3: What's new? (dutch)

Unable to find DynamicTypeService


After installing Silverlight 3 Beta 1 I got the following error when compiling a Silverlight Project which has a WCF Service reference: Unable to find DynamicTypeService I remembered I had a similar p

Saving files in Silverlight 3


How to use the Save File Dialog?Silverlight 3 introduces the new SaveFileDialog, it let's you write files on a user's disk. The basic code for opening a save file dialog is like this: SaveFileDialog s

Breaking change in Silverlight 3 for the Multi File Uploader


The Silverlight Multi File Uploader supports full control using JavaScript. You are able to open the file dialog, start uploading the files, clear the list, get upload progress all using JavaScript. T

Silverlight 3 detecting network connectivity


Most silverlight applications depend on some sort of network connectivity. They update data using a webservice, sockets or have streaming video. With the new detach capabilities of Silverlight 3 it wi

Silverlight 3 out of browser support


It's very easy to enable the "Install onto this computer" menu for Silverlight 3, just uncomment the code in your AppManifest.xml file which is in the Properties folder of your Silverlight 3 applicati

JavaScript Multi File Uploader


The Silverlight Multi File Uploader is now fully functional with ONLY JavaScript. You can hide the Silverlight control and use JavaScript to interact and get data from the Silverlight Multi File Uploa

Buidling a Silverlight Project and getting the XAP file in your website project


When creating a new Silverlight application in Visual Studio, you will automatically be prompted to also create a website or web application. This is of course very useful, because the website can hos

Silverlight and SSL WCF Web service


How to get your Silveright application to workwith a WCF web service using SSL / https? You'll need to change a few things. I'll explain them here. ServerFirst, make sure your service is accessible un

PHP and Silverlight Multi File Uploader


The new release of the Silverlight Multi File Uploader includes a PHP version. You're now able to host the Multi File Uploader on a PHP server (for example Apache). Silverlight doesn't requiere .Net o

Upload files with Silverlight using HttpHandler


WCFThe Silverlight Multi File Upload control was originally made using WCF webservies. Each file was uploaded in multiple small chunks. This results in a lot of small chuncks, and a lot of requests to

Added JavaScript events to the Silverlight Multi File Uploader


JavaScript EventsFor a better integration with your own website, the Silveright Multi File Uploader control has the following JavaScript events and properties: Events:- AllFilesFinished - Fires when a

Silverlight Styling


Silverlight has a powerful model to customize the look and feel of controls.   For example, you can alter the looks of a Button control by not supplying just a text for its content property, but

Source code released of Silverlight Multi File Uploader


The full source code of the Silverlight Multi File Uploader is available on CodePlex. I also made some improvements to the control:- Cleaner UI- Progress bar- Overall progress and number of files- Err

Silverlight Multi File Uploader


I created the Silverlight Multi File Uploader. It allows you to upload multiple files at the same time. The files are uploaded to a WCF webservice where they can be processed. A nice feature is that y

Artikel in .Net Magazine over Dynamic Data


Artikel in de 21e editie van het Nederlandse .Net Magazine.

Klik hier om het artikel te lezen, of als PDF te downloaden.

Silverlight PhotoBrowser


I created the Silverlight PhotoBrowser to make it really easy to show your photo's in a gallery on the web.All you have to do is install this PhotoBrowser ASP.Net solution on your server, and upload y

Silverlight Fullscreen


Getting your Silverlight application to show full screen is easy. Just set the following property: Application.Current.Host.Content.IsFullScreen = true; This property can only be set after a user-acti

Sockets in Silverlight 2 Beta 2


Silverlight 2 Beta 2 needs a policy file before you can connect with sockets. A policy file looks like this: <?xml version="1.0" encoding ="utf-8"?><access-policy>  <cross-domain-a

Silverlight 2 Beta 2


Silverlight 2 Beta 2 was released, see:http://weblogs.asp.net/scottgu/archive/2008/06/06/silverlight-2-beta2-released.aspx All demo's and examples on MichielPost.nl are upgraded to Beta 2: Socket base

Socket based Silverlight Chat Application


Looking for the same application but using WCF Duplex binding instead of sockets?Check out the Silverlight Chat application with WCF Duplex Binding. My goal was to build a silverlight chat application

Silverlight Panorama Viewer


Free Silverlight Panorama Viewer

NS Silverlight


Mijn eerste silverlight project.De actuele vertrektijden van de treinen zijn opvraagbaar via deze silverlight applicatie. Na het kiezen van een station worden de realtime vertrektijden door middel van

Silverlight ervaringen


In Expression Blend 2.5 kan je je Silverlight controls mooi stylen ineen WYSIWYG editor. In Visual Studio niet, daar kan je alleen hetresultaat zien en de XAML handmatig editen.In Visual Studio heb je

Silverlight configureren vanuit HTML


Hoe kan je configuratie waardes vanuit je HTML doorgeven naar je Silverlight applicatie? Dit kan je doen door een initParams param te definieeren bij de aanroep van het Silverlight object in html. &nb

WPF en Events toevoegen via VS of Blend


Via VS kan je van een object wel de properties van een WPF object editen maar niet makkelijk een event toevoegen. Het event gedeelte ontbreekt.   Via Expression Blend gaat dat juist wel weer eenv

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