When creating your Windows 8 app, you might want to give it a different name in each language. This little tutorial shows you how to do it. In this tutorial I will use my app Woordenboek as an example. This Dutch app is called "Dutch Dictionary" in English.

**Step 1
**Reserve all the names you want to use in the Windows 8 Developer portal. Make sure it is one app with multiple names.

**Step 2
**Create resource files in your application for each culture you're going to support.
MSDN had a great tutorial about that here:

In my app I support the NL and the EN culture:

Step 3
Add a key AppName to your resource dictionary and specify the name of your app. Do this for every culture / resource file.

**Step 4
**Now comes the part where Microsoft's documentation isn't really clear. It says the DisplayName is localizable.

But how?
When you open the Package.appxmanifest in the Visual Studio editor, you see this:

Set the displayname to the AppName resource.

But wait, there is more!
Go to the "Packaging" tab. Now you can see there's another entry called Package display name. You also have to set that! This is the display name the Windows Store will show.

**Step 5
**Upload your package to the Windows 8 Store. Before submitting, there's a verify step. Your app description and screenshots for the different cultures is listen, but also the name your app will use. Make sure this is correct!

Step 6
When your application is approved and available in the Windows 8 store, you'll see the different names for each culture.

They displaynames are also localized in the web view of the store:
English: http://apps.microsoft.com/webpdp/en-us/app/woordenboek/cdbd9838-f4f4-4e61-b566-a3d3b1bc21f1
Dutch: http://apps.microsoft.com/webpdp/nl-NL/app/woordenboek/cdbd9838-f4f4-4e61-b566-a3d3b1bc21f1